Tuesday, 14 April 2009

After the Bank Holiday......

Well, the long weekend break is but a distant memory, but it provided an opportunity to reflect on how things have developed over the last week or so. What started as a vehicle to rant at the system and its failings has subtly changed...I've been quite touched by the support I've received, and it confirms my belief that there is a mood for change.

This blog was always intended to be light-hearted, but I'm having a rethink about the best way to connect with a larger audience, so I'll soon be launching a more formal website. A quick look at the sums shows that to be elected, candidates need to poll around 200,000 votes.....a challenging target to hit I think you'll agree.

The good news is, we smashed the target for the weekend - I'd aimed for 40 votes, but at close of play tonight, we have the fantastic total of 45 - this keeps me in 4th place out of 11, although some of the other candidates are making real headway and collecting votes.

I understand from Jury Team that the final phone poll totals will determine the position on the election list, so to be in with a real chance, I need to make a concerted effort over the last 10 days of phone polling - so, if you haven't already done so, please, text WILBAR01 to 86837. Word of mouth can be immensely powerful - if you believe in what what I am trying to do, then please spread the word.

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