Saturday, 11 April 2009

Campaign news - Saturday

Text votes are still steadily trickling in, with my new total at 36 - still 5th out of 10. Our target for the bank holiday weekend is to move up the rankings to 4th place. At close of play tonight, 4 votes will do it, so please, if you haven't already voted just text WILBAR01 to 86837 - remember, spread the word to family and friends and ask them to show support, as every vote is vital at this stage.

There has been disturbing news developing today about a dirty tricks & smear campaign, apparently operating from the heart of Downing Street. I'm sure the Sunday papers are going to have a field day tomorrow, but there is one question at the heart of all this: Don't the public deserve better than this? Do you really want politicians who are so hooked on power and the privileges it brings, that they will lie and cheat and smear their opponents? Its time to show these jokers the door.....take the first small step in reclaiming democracy by shunning the parties, and supporting independent candidates who will serve the public, not exploit their positions.


  1. Bill, any news on that voting-from-Gibraltar thingy?

  2. Hi All Seeing Eye - following is the text of an email sent to Jury Team on Thursday pm. Still awaiting an answer, so will chase....

    "Hi Emily,

    something has come up which you may be able to help me you know the South West region also covers Gibraltar, but I've been contacted by a Gib resident who wishes to vote, but is unable to do a text vote from there. This is potentially 30,000 people who are disenfranchised - is there anything that can be done to enable them to vote by text?

    Kind regards,


  3. Thanks for that. I've also emailed them but being Easter weekend I guess families are coming first for the Team...which is how it should be.

    Can I suggest also that you get in touch with Dom at the Gib Chronicle ( and offer a few words? He's always interested in politics, has done a piece on one of your fellow candidates and, hey, you'd get a feature in one of the longest-running newspapers in the world.

    Contact details on their site and for you I think it's worth a punt.

  4. Dear All Seeing Eye,

    Response from Jury Team HQ as follows:
    "Thank you for your email and for raising this issue. If it is OK with you, we will look into this with the operators of our telephone voting system, and then get back in touch with you."

    Hopefully they will be able to solve any technical issues and enable the good people of Gib to exercise their votes.

    I emailed the Chronicle last week, but I guess everything has been caught up with Easter. I'll follow it up.

    Many thanks for your continued support and advice,


  5. Bill,
    I've got friends at the Chronicle but know no-one at Panorama. Try a random email there:
    It's a lot more partisan than the Chronicle and has a more political slant but it can't hurt to get in contact...