Monday, 6 April 2009

Setting off along the cul-de-sac to power....

So here we are, its 2230 on 6th April 2009 and I finally have my own blog!! Now all I need is some readers....

Anyway dear reader, welcome to my blog. I thought I'd put some thoughts down on paper ( should that be screen?) about how and why I have thrown my hat into the ring for a interesting little experiment in democracy.

If you are reading this either you've just surfed in randomly (wow.....what are the chances of that happening eh?) or more likely, you've seen my profile on and decided that before you commit yourself to investing a whole 25p (plus normal network charge) by txting WILBAR01 to 86837 you want to know a bit more.

So, how did we get here? I'm not by nature a political animal - I'm too busy getting on with enjoying my life - but I have been getting progressively more hacked off with the contempt that politicians of all persuasions appear to hold the public in. Now I don't know about you dear reader, but I don't like people taking liberties - especially when they are the hired help! Every time I pick up the papers, or look around the blogosphere (is that a real word?) there is yet another story of how the little piggies of politics have their noses deep in the trough - from the Home Secretary's husband's penchant for porn, to Hoon's multiple houses I'm getting a bit sick of it.......and as it looks like the opposition is every bit as bad as the Government, I figured that the best way to punish them is take away their toys. Unfortunately, politics seems to be a bit stitched up and you need the support of a party to get anywhere.......the price of that support however is to toe the party line and do what you are told, rather than what is best for your constituents. What we need is an "anti-party" that makes no demands and encourages independence.....and thats what I think we may have with jury-team.

I'm a chances of being elected are slim, in electoral terms I'm massively outgunned, but maybe, just maybe.......

Anyway, lets see where this goes. If I'm not successful, at least I will have had an interesting experience, and the purpose of this blog is to record the ups and downs along the cul-de-sac to power

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  1. I think Harry Hill has the best idea, get them face to face and then shout F I G H T !!!!!!!!!!